Speech therapy has become a widely popular therapy profession especially in the areas of pediatric speech therapy and geriatric speech therapy. If you are considering a career change, you may want to consider how becoming a speech therapist can be not only a lucrative career, but also a challenging career.
As the baby boomer population is expected to rise in the next decade, the demand for health care services is also expected to rise and so will the need for speech therapists. Because conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and even strokes, are expected to be on the rise in occurrence, the need for speech therapists will rise and so will the expected salaries earned in this profession.

If you are looking for a career change, it is important to consider what interests you may have in the healthcare sector. While becoming a speech therapist is not a simple step in the career process, is achievable at any age with the right education. In many public supported universities across the country, speech, language and audiology degrees provide the education you need to pursue a license in speech therapy from geriatric speech therapy programs to infant speech therapy programs.

While your salary immediately after school may not be significantly high, because this health care specialty is expected to rise in demand, so will the salary options with many therapists anticipating exponential increases as they become more tenured in the program. Also, when considering speech therapy specialties, you may want to look into an internship in geriatric services since this will be the area with greatest demand.

Speech therapy is a vital part of the comprehensive healthcare team that is needed for many senior adults. When considering a career change, be sure to investigate the options for becoming a speech therapist and if you prefer to work with younger demographics, even infant speech therapy can provide a new career choice. No matter what demographic you are interested in, speech and language therapy services can provide you with stability and a nice income into retirement.