Careers in healthcare are expected to rise over the next decade as the number of adults transitioning into elder care rises. If you are considering a career in the medical or healthcare field, you may want to consider becoming a caregiver in geriatric home care. While limited certification is required, the more education you have in geriatric care, the more opportunities for employment will become available.


Geriatric home care is a unique career profession and requires a dynamic individual to work with the elderly. Because older adults who require home care are often physically disabled to some extent, it is important that you, as their caregiver, be well educated in their physical needs. But, in addition to this, the geriatric home care provider must also be well versed in mental complications of the elderly including fears over death and dying, depression, anxiety, paranoia, and even complications associated with dementia.

When considering work in geriatric home care, be sure to keep in mind that your employment opportunities, after college, will not be limited to a nursing home. As the number of aging adults rises, the options for geriatric home care settings are also changing. Most importantly, we are seeing changes into settings that are more intimate with many elderly adults placed into individual private homes that offer group therapy and group care settings.

Education in home health care, nursing and caring for geriatric patients is the ideal route for anyone interested in working in geriatric home care. While you can obtain an LVN or CNA license and education, these typically will not result in the highest paying professions when caring for the elderly. To ensure that you have the best career options after your college experience, and education in healthcare, be sure to specialize in these care needs so you can transition to a more lucrative position as you pursue you dream of caring for the elderly.

Geriatric home care is a unique profession and requires a very dynamic education and personality of employees. When considering professions and education in healthcare, if you want to find a profession that will be in high demand over the next several decades, consider a career in geriatric home care.