Top paying jobs can be found across all verticals and industries but in coming decades, the top paying careers will most likely include jobs that are associated with health care, especially in careers associated with geriatric care. If you are considering a new career choice, it is important to consider not only careers in geriatric care but to specifically look at becoming a care manager.
Typically, geriatric care managers are not a profession that is readily hired by health care agencies or by professionals. Instead, as a geriatric care manager, your top paying jobs will come from families who are unable to care for a loved one. While you will not provide direct care to an elderly adult, your job, as a geriatric care manager will involve coordination of services among those who need to provide care to an elderly adult. As a geriatric care manager, therefore, your expertise will come not in your knowledge or education in health care but, instead, in your education in social services and your ability to tap into networks of resources.

Geriatric care management is a growing profession that is becoming more and more important to families in the United States. By charging for your services on a per diem basis, or on an hourly basis for resource research and networking, you will find that this top paying career will provide you with a new challenge while being able to service this at-risk group of adults. To further your expertise and to increase your opportunities for income, you could even specialize in a particular type of geriatric patient – offering care management services to adults with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, or simply offering services to families who are caring for a loved one with a stroke. The key to your optimal professional outcome may lie in specializing your services.

As unemployment continues to be a concern in the United States, many individuals are looking to self-employment and ways to create their own top paying jobs. If you are considering a new career choice, and if you are looking for a career that involves assisting the elderly with their care management, consider becoming a geriatric care manager as this may hold the greatest opportunity for self-employment income without requiring education or prior work experience in the healthcare profession.